Summer hikes

Summer hikes proposals La Val

The most beautiful hikes from the village of La Val in Alta Badia

Going on an hike in La Val in Alta Badia is a unique experience. From the time the meadows of Armentara bloom, with their many species of orchids, to when the larches on the slopes of Rit are turn bright colours in autumn, the many walks and excursions in La Val will lead you to discover the charm of the Dolomites and Ladin country.

Below are some summer walks and excursions in La Val that you can set out on foot right from our hotel.

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Tru de paîscRoda dles VilesTru di praCiavalFanesPares
Tru de paisc La Val - Santa Berbura

Tru de paîsc

Traces of everyday life in the village of La Val

Duration: 40 min

A short, easy trail past the peculiarities of the village of La Val that lets you find your bearings in the surroundings and helps you plan your future trips. It can be a great option for an evening stroll.

Roda dles Viles La Val Alta Badia

Roda dles Viles

Discovering the farms and Ladin culture

Duration: 2.5 hours

An easy hike suitable for any physical condition that takes you between the various farms of La Val, known as 'Viles' in the Ladin language. Ancient buildings bear witness to the link between man and nature, meadows tended by farmers, and old tools for agricultural work. We recommend the guided hike organised weekly. Along the path you'll also find two characteristic agritourism farms where you can take a break while enjoying a typical Ladin dish.

Hike Tru di pra La Val

Tru di pra La Val

Walking through the crowning glory of La Val

Duration: 8 hours
Distance: 27 km

The Tru di pra (meadow path) lets you explore the characteristic alpine meadows of La Val. The route, which you can shorten into more stages, is constantly surrounded by green meadows and the cultivated landscape that lies between 1300 and 2000 meters of altitude. Starting from the rough pastures of Rit to the blooms in thousands of colours in Armentara surrounded by centuries-old larches. During the excursion, you'll found info points, children's games, water features, a sulphur-rich spring, and numerous panoramic vantage points.

Hike on the Ciaval of Sass dla Crusc in the Dolomites

Monte Cavallo (the Ciaval)

Alta Badia seen from above

Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 9 km

The 15A trail leads gently uphill to the Armentara meadows before reaching La Crusc (2043 m), where you'll find a historic sanctuary, a small hut, and a picture-perfect view. Then with path 7 the hike becomes demanding up to Ju dla Crusc with assisted stretches and views overlooking the precipices. Turning left you go up to the cross of the Ciaval (2908 m). If you're more in shape, you can continue to the summit of Piz dles Diesc (Cima Dieci/Zehner Spitze 3026 m).

Hiking in the paradise of Fanes in the Dolomites

The legendary world of Fanes

Probably one of the most beautiful places in the Dolomites

Duration: 3.5 hours

A challenging hike where your efforts are, however, rewarded by the scenic beauty and some real gems of nature in the Fanes-Senes-Braies UNESCO nature park. First path 13A and then 13 lead to the Ju de Sant Antone through meadows, woods, and finally an impressive scree slope. Staying on the path, you head down towards the Lavarella and Fanes huts. Surrounded by places that inspired the birth of the Rëgn de Fanes legend, pay a visit to Le Vert and Lè de Limo, sparing a glance for 'the parliament of the marmots'.

Hike to the Rit cross in La Val

From La Val towards Rit up to Pares

The ideal hike for a superb sunset

Duration: 4/4.5 hours

From the village centre, path 6 takes you to the church of Santa Barbara, one of the photographic emblems of the village. From there ayou pass between some of the farms of La Val: Ciablun, Runch, and Biei. Then a forest road takes you up to the Lé de Rit where you quickly reach the Crusc from Rit (2027 m). If you want, you can then continue on path 13 through meadows and lilies of the valley to the junction with path 16 where a challenging climb leads to Pares (2384 m), the perfect summit for those who want to watch a sunset over the Dolomites.