Winter Hikes

Winter excursions and walks in La Val

Easy walks, sledding, and snowshoeing

Even in winter the village of La Val in Alta Badia offers paths of packed snow that you can tackle on foot or with snowshoes, with the option to make the descent the fun way - by sled. Those more experienced can have a go at ski mountaineering on the various routes in the depths of the wintry natural landscape.

Below are just a few suggestions for a winter hike in La Val.

Walking map
Armentara meadowsLa CruscFanesSledge rideRit meadows
Winter trekking on the Armentara meadows in La Val

Roda de Armentara

On the sunny meadows at the foot of Sas dla Crusc

An easy winter walk to be tackled with snowshoes. The best starting point is the car park just after the hamlet of Furnacia where following the 'Roda de Armentara' signs will take you up to the Ranch de Anrdé lodge where you continue along a mostly flat stretch through Valgiarëi to Arciara. From here a short paved stretch takes you back to the parking lot.

Hiking La Val - La Crusc

La Val - La Crusc (Santa Croce)

One of the most popular panoramic vantage points in Alta Badia

A route to walk on packed snow trails or tackle with snowshoe along an alternative. You can start from the Hotel La Palsa or from the nearby hamlet of Spëscia. From Spëscia path 15 leads through the woods up to the Armentara meadows and then to the La Val Via Crucis to the sanctuary of La Crusc (Holy Cross). For those who want to tackle the hike on snowshoes we recommend path 15B along the Sas dla Crusc mountain.

Ski mountaineering freeride in the natural parc of Fanes-Sennes-Braies

La Val - Fanes with alpine skis

Freeride in the kingdom of Fanes

Leaving the hamlet of Spëscia, you head up to the Ju de Sant'Antone where the descent takes you to Picio Fanes, where you will find two shelters that are also open during the winter. From here there are numerous slopes and peaks accessible by alpine skis. We especially recommend Monte Cavallo, Col Bechei, Monte Castello (bivouac of peace), and Col Toronn. We recommend adequate preparation before undertaking these ski tours.

Hikes with sledge ride in La Val Alta Badia

A walk followed by sledge ride in La Val

An easy walk with guaranteed fun on the descent

Ideal for families with children, you can undertake this walk on the snow starting from our hotel in the centre of La Val, where a short section of paved road leads to the hamlet of Cians. Heading uphill from here you can reach the Forcela da Cians or the Jù de Rit and descend on foot or by sledge.

Winter walk on the Rit meadows

The Rit meadows in winter

Winter walks on the sunny slopes of Rit

We advise you get to the Spëscia dessura car park by car and then go up path 16, at the end of which you'll find a sledge run that takes you down to the car park. Or, continuing along the dirt road you can reach the meadows of Rit and keep going to the Forcella de Rit, where if you want you can reach the hamlet of Cians by sledge.