Delights in the Dolomites

Specialities of South Tyrolean cuisine

The best of the Ladin and Tyrolean cuisine

Traditional Ladin cuisine and the food and wine heritage of South Tyrol form the mainstay in our kitchen. Below, we present just a few of the delights drawn from our ancestors' recipes and products made from the fruits of our land that you will have the opportunity to try and enjoy at the hotel La Palsa.

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Bales (dumplings)

Originating in ancient rural tradition, these stuffed bread balls with smoked ham and cheese are a very simple and equally nutritious dish. Served with chanterelle and porcini mushrooms from the Ladin woods, a nice fresh salad from our garden, or with the meat of a fabulous goulash.

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Originally prepared for festivities, Tutres or 'Tirtlan' in German are a typical dish of Ladin cuisine that you really have to try at least once. Fried dough filled with ricotta, spinach, potatoes, sauerkraut, or poppy.

Crescents with ricotta and spinach

Schlutzkrapfen (Tyrolean ravioli)

Crescent shapes stuffed with ricotta and spinach are a classic of Tyrolean cuisine to the point where they could be considered a culinary icon of South Tyrol. If made by hand with quality ingredients, the taste of this dish will remain with you forever!

Bread of Val Badia Dolomites

South Tyrolean bread

The bread varieties typical of South Tyrol are very popular among guests. If prepared with high quality grains and natural ingredients following traditional methods, the bread becomes a piece of culinary heritage.

Apple strudel

Apple strudel

A symbol of the Tyrolean cuisine that's hugely popular for the quality of the local ingredients with which it is prepared, especially the delicious apples from South Tyrol. Served with vanilla cream, this dessert achieves perfection.

Speck Alto Adige

Smoked ham, cured meats, and cheese

South Tyrol is home to great typical artisanal products. In Alta Badia you'll find genuine farmhouse smoked ham, numerous varieties of cheeses made with fresh milk, Kaminwurzen smoke sausages, and artisanal salami products. True specialties with an unmistakeable taste.

South Tyrolean wine

The great wines of South Tyrol

From local wine varieties to Lagrein and Schiava red grapes to the most popular Italian white wines such as the aromatic Gewürztraminer, Pinot Grigio, Muller-Thurgau, Riesling, and Sauvignon. With a fresh and structured taste, South Tyrolean wines are the result of a unique territory and excellent production methods.