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The weather today: thursday, 04 June 2020

Dull, moderate rain Temp. max 18 °CTemp. min 12 °C

A front reaches the Alps.

Mostly cloudy with widespread rain in the afternoon. During the night partly heavy rain.

Maximum temperatures from 15° to 21°.

The weather tomorrow: friday, 05 Juni 2020

Cloudy, moderate rain Temp. max 20 °CTemp. min 10 °C

The air masses will become more dry.

In the morning mostly overcast with some rain showers. During the day some sunny spells, during the afternoon local rain showers will develop. Föhn winds in some valleys.

The temperatures will reach 16° to 24°.

The mountain weather today (Dolomites)

Dull, moderate rain Freezing quote: 3000 m Wind: strong southwesterly

A front reaches the Alps.

Cloudy, low visibility with widespread rain during the day. Snow line dropping from 2600 m towards 2000 m in the North, 2300 in the South.

The mountain weather tomorrow (Dolomites)

Cloudy, moderate rain Freezing quote: 2900 m Wind: moderate westerly

The air masses will become more dry.

Clouds will often reduce the visibility, some sunny spells can still be expected. Some rain showers during the day.

Evolution weather in South Tyrol: Unstable weather


Cloudy, thunderstorm with moderate shower

T. max: 15 / 24 °C

T. min: 2 / 14 °C


Dull, moderate rain

T. max: 15 / 22 °C

T. min: 6 / 15 °C


Dull, moderate rain

T. max: 15 / 21 °C

T. min: 6 / 15 °C



T. max: 16 / 24 °C

T. min: 5 / 14 °C


T. max: 16 / 24 °C

T. min: 5 / 14 °C

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